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Ovetto Metal line is a container for separate collection with three independent compartments and a practical compactor for plastic bottles and cans to optimize the space occupied; a single compartment can hold up to 15 plastic bottles 1.5L crushed.

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The internal compartments have a capacity of 18 liters each (54 liters in total) and are characterized by perforated internal containers that allow a constant ventilation of the dustbin and the evaporation of the condensation of the wet waste, significantly reducing bad odors and avoiding the formation of liquids; the bags provided are the standard 25/30 liter bags found in all supermarkets

This container for separate collection is a design object: it is made of recycled plastic material (ABS and Polypropylene); it is 100% made in Italy and with its captivating style it represents a design revolution that allows a quick and easy separate collection; Ovetto fits into any environment as it does not aesthetically represent a bin but a piece of furniture

Equipped with manual bottle and can compactor

Metal tone painting

Dimensions: h 84 cm x ⌀ 45 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Materials: recycled ABS and recycled polypropylene

Capacity: 54 L total

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 84 cm


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