Soldidesign environmental sustainability


SoldiDesign through the diffusion of its eco-sustainable design products, both those suitable for separate collection and those destined for another use, wishes to educate the person to respect and safeguard nature, helping to raise awareness towards greater respect for the environment knowing that the small everyday gestures of each one, if made with commitment, coherence and perseverance, contribute to renewing the Earth.

Environmental sustainability production


The entire production chain is in Italy and is performed with sustainable production processes, from raw materials to the use of alternative energies, adopting that industrial model philosophy that seeks to preserve the ecosystem.

Environmental sustainability saving


Savings of CO2 emissions with a ratio of almost 1: 2 compared to the quantities of recycled plastic, obtaining important benefits also in terms of climate. For each kg of recycled plastic, a saving of 2 kg of CO2 is estimated.*
Since its foundation to date, it has made more than 100,000 articles, using and regenerating almost 650,000 kg of recycled plastic with an estimated environmental impact of approximately 1,200,000 kg of CO2 emissions saved. **

Environmental sustainability impact


The use of recycled and recyclable materials such as plastic involves the recovery of potential polluting materials transforming them into new objects and at the same time industrial production with minimal environmental impact.

* Source Google DatasetSearch ** Data updated May 2020